Nytorget 6 | Kvarterskrog & Barservering i Stockholm

kvarterskrog & barservering


Weekdays 07:30 to 10:30

Breakfast service with spoon

Yoghurt with homemade müsli, honey roasted nuts & dried fruits 60sekTurkish yoghurt with fresh fruits 60sekOatmeal with foamed milk & apple compote 60sek

Our croissants

Freshly baked croissant naturell 15sekFreshly baked croissant with fig jam 25sekFreshly baked hot croissant with Gruyére & turkey 45sekFreshly baked croissant with Nutella 25sek

Breakfast service on assiette

Mixed charcuteries, cheese, butter, cucumber & bread 75sekBagel with smoked turkey or smoked salmon, cream cheese, sliced tomato & crispy salad 75sekCold smoked salmon with horseradish cream on rye bread 75sekA slice of grilled farmers bread with mozzarella, tomatoes & gremolata 55sekA slice of farmers bread with cream cheese, serrano, Gruyére & watercress 60sekA slice of grilled farmers bread with avocado, olive oil, chili peppers & sea salt 60sekA slice of crisp bread with cream cheese, chopped egg, Swedish caviar & chives 45sekShrimps, egg & mayonnaise on rye bread with lemon 60sek

Guest favorite - "The Vanja"

Avocado on grilled bread with bacon, olive oil & a side order of creamy scrambled eggs 115kr

Breakfast service with knife and fork

French toast with raspberry jam & whipped cream 75sekOmelette naturell 70sekOmelette with creamy mushrooms 80sekOmelette with Cantal, smoked ham & tomatoes 85sekScrambled eggs with bacon & roasted bread 80sekGood morning cheeseburger with lightly fried egg, bacon, tomato & dijonnaise 90sek

Add to...

Boiled egg with Swedish caviar 15sekA whole avocado 35sek

Fresh fruit on assiette 45sek

Honeydew 30sekGrapefruit 30sekMixed fruit platter 45sek

Sweets for breakfast

Chocolate ball with coconut 28sek

Breakfast drinks

Freshly squeezed orange juice 40sekToday's raw juice 45sekTropicana applejuice 34sek