Nytorget 6 | Kvarterskrog & Barservering i Stockholm

kvarterskrog & barservering


Weekdays 11:00 - 17:00

On the table

Nytorget 6's freshly baked bread, flat bread and whipped butter

Small starters & appetizers

Reindeer heart with gin lingonberries & horseradish cream 80sekBurrata with green asparagus, planed radishes, olive powder & bread crisp 155sekItalian charkuteries with olives & Gruyère 165sekBleak roe with grilled bread, sour cream, red onion & lemon 155sek / whole 195sek

Main courses

Green salad with shelled shrimps, grilled asparagus, avocado, boiled egg & aioli 195sekCountry style black pudding with grilled & smoked pork, spiced apples & lingonberry cream 165sekFarmers omelette à la N6 with smoked ham, potato, spinach & green salad 175sekOmelette with smoked salmon, goat cheese, spinach & green salad 175sekOmelette with creamy mushrooms & green salad 185sekSalad with tarragon dressing, corn-fed chicken, grilled bacon & croutons 185sekPesto pasta with grilled vegetables, Västerbotten cream & bread crisp 185sekSmoked veal tartare with tomatoes, dijonnaise & french fries 205sekMeatballs for the people - with cream gravy, potato puree, preserved lingonberry & pickled cucumber 205sekChuck hamburger with cheddar cheese, bacon, tarragon aioli & french fries 199sekPorchetta with creamy polenta, tossed spinach, fried oyster mushrooms & red wine sauce 210sekGrilled tunaburger with salsa fresca, crab- & lobster mayonnaise, hot island sauce & french fries 245sek


Tiramisu à la N6 95sekMeringue with whipped cream, chocolate cream, caramel sauce & Nutella ice cream 110sekCreme brulée with vanilla, cinnamon & orange 89sekA scoop of ice cream with sweet crumbs 55sekChocolate ball with coconut 28sekChocolate truffle 28sek

Today's lunch - (11:00-15:00) 115sek

Week 26( June 26- June 30)Monday: Isterband from Lammhult, mustard stewed potatoes and pickled beetrootsTuesdays: Prime rib lasanga, tomato salad and arugulaWednesday: Creamy fish stew with saffron, shrimps, croutons and chivesThursday: Lamb paddies with sun dried tomatoes, tzatziki and roasted root vegetables Friday: Tuscan chicken, tomato, celery, basil, pecorino, deep fried potatoes

For those who love to eat green (11:00-15:00) 115sek

Bulgursallad med vattenmelon, smulad fetaost, mynta och avokadoDo you want to know exactly what the food contains, check with the waiter